Only the Primitive Baptists

Calvinists of the Reformed tradition are one of two things, neither of which are Primitive Baptist. They are either Synergists who have high minded notions about their actual misapplications of the scriptures thereby deceiving themselves into irrationally claiming to be Monergist, or they are Absoluters who have fallen into the trap of redefining the Arminian requirements put upon man’s part as being decreed and caused by God, thereby trying to force Arminianism into a Sovereign Grace mold, which also leads to all kinds of irrational misapplications of the scriptures. Simply put, having notions about doctrines such as Election and Predestination and Limited Atonement do not quailfy one as a thorough going Monergist unless one really and trully gives up any and all notions of man having any responsibility or capability with respect to eternal salvation. In my experience, only the Primitive Baptists, as a people, get this correct and rationally and consistently rightly divide the word of truth in this regard. That is why I am a Primitive Baptist and will defend them with every ounce of my being. When a Primitive Baptist says Salvation by Grace, he really means it!

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