About Old School

Old School Primitive Baptist Church came about as the result of three Fort Worth-area churches merging together. The first merger happened in April 2011 between Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church and Old School Primitive Baptist Church. The second merger came a couple of years later with New Hope Primitive Baptist Church. The merged church retained the name of Old School. Mount Zion was located in west Fort Worth at 2709 NW 30th St.; New Hope in east Fort Worth at 7200 Kuban Blvd.; and Old School in south Fort Worth at 3105 Gardenia St.

The pre-merger Old School was constituted on October 19, 1941. Mount Zion started on June 22, 1947. New Hope began on October 4, 1964, and then, in March 1966, merged with Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church, which began on September 27, 1947. Old School’s first pastor was Dr. W. W. Fowler but the minister most people today will remember as her pastor was M. R. Altom who served in that capacity twice for a total of 33 years. Since 1997, Michael Montgomery pastored Old School and became the pastor of the merged church. Weldon Walker served as Mt. Zion’s pastor for 33 years. Ward Rowell served as pastor at the time of the merger and serves as a minister in the merged church. .R. A. (Bob) Moore served as New Hope’s first pastor for twenty-seven years. George Walker followed him as pastor and served New Hope for nineteen years. John Mark Clark served as New Hope’s last pastor before the merge.

As of November 20, 2016, Old School has been worshiping in their new meeting house located at 1075 North Little School Road, Kennedale, Texas 76060 . Services begin at 10:30 AM with thirty minutes of a cappella, congregational singing; a public prayer; and then a sermon by one of her ministers. Ward Rowell and Bill Allen serves as ministers along with pastor Michael Montgomery. After the conclusion of the Sunday service, the church has a “pot-luck” dinner where all get to enjoy the great cooking of her members, and this has become a wonderful time of fellowship for the church.

As the name implies, Old School identifies herself as an old-line Primitive Baptist church. If you read our Articles of Faith, you’ll see that we hold to such doctrines as the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. We recognize the King James Version (KJV) as the only English translation worthy of being called the Bible. We believe in salvation solely by the grace of a sovereign God. We believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, came to the earth to do the will of His Father, which was to deliver from the sentence of death all those the Father gave Him before the world began. We believe that Jesus fully satisfied the Father by atoning for all the sins of all His people. In time, we believe the Holy Spirit comes to each person that belongs to Jesus and regenerates them. Then (and only then) can anyone have faith, which is a fruit of the Spirit, by which you are able to believe the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you ever hear the gospel, or believe it if you did hear it, or obey it if you did believe it, rest assured that Jesus will remain forever faithful to you because, if He died for you, He will never deny that you belong to Him.

We believe that everyone for whom Christ died will without fail be raised again from the dead to a glorified life. Even if we are alive when He returns to raise the dead, we shall be changed to a glorified life. All the Redeemed will meet the Lord in the air. Then He will take us to Heaven and there we shall forever be with the Lord. The wicked will be raised at the same time as the righteous, but the wicked shall go away into everlasting punishment along with Satan and his angels. Until that glorious day when Christ returns to raise the dead, He has provided a place for His people to find rest for their souls. This place is the Church. Jesus Christ set-up His church on this earth before His death on the Cross. The church is there for those of His people who have come to believe that God saved them by His Son, Jesus Christ. To believe that Christ “paid it all” gives believers the strongest motivation to serve Him. Once enlightened to this glorious truth, then the child of God should feel an obligation to become and remain an active member of the His church. To serve the Lord in His church makes for one of the great blessings to experience this side of Heaven. It fulfills you to serve in His church and it gives your life purpose and meaning.

Come and see for yourself.

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