Let Your Moderation be Known

Phl 4:5  Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

Primitive Baptists truly are the only people, that I know of, that have a perfectly and biblical balance of monergism and synergism. Between pure synergists in one ditch and pure monergists in the other you have PBs on the road of truth. A truly moderate belief system with monergism where is makes sense with only the works of God in eternal salvation and the works of God and man together when it comes to things of this life such as discipleship, conversion, obedience, etc. We find this balance in so many ways with distinctions made between Time Salvation and Eternal Salvation, Sonship and Discipleship, Conversion and Regeneration, Justification by Blood and Justification by Faith, and so many other points that are distinctive of our people that show that we keep in perspective those things that belong to God alone and those things in which man is also involved. Primitive Baptists have been called extremists by some, but I think our system of belief is the most moderate, agreeable, scriptural of any known.