A Better TULIP

The following is the well known TULIP acrostic that is often used by believers in the Sovereign Grace of God.  However, many Calvinists do not mean the same things by it as we do.  These will better apply the acrostic with elaboration on what Primitive Baptists believe about each point.

(T)otal Inherited Depravity.
Instead of just Total Depravity. The emphasis here is that every man does not fall individually, thus becoming totally depraved at that time, but having been good prior. We do not come into this world good, or even neutral. We come into this world totally depraved and fallen in our own faculties, dead in trespasses in sins. We died in Adam and have inherited this fallen condition from him via our parents.   Adam represented us as our natural head from whom we all sprang; we died in him.

(U)nconditional Election of Fallen Men.
Election is in view of the need of salvation, with a view to the need and purpose of salvation. Election is never with a view of man as being in a neutral condition, nor is election ever unto eternal damnation. God elected, which is to say He chose from among the fallen race of Adam, all those who are the objects of His divine grace and mercy, leaving the remainder in their fallen condition they received from Adam. Election is certainly never because of future good works foreseen in an individual.

(L)imited Atonement and Particular Redemption.
While sometimes considered synonymous, Particular Redemption does remind us that Christ’s work on the Cross was not only limited in scope of the sinners and sins, all of the sins of the elect only, but also that Christ’s work or redemption was only performed with particular individuals in mind, not all men in anyway. It also reminds us that the work of Christ not only atoned for our sins before God, but that a redemption price was paid for them. This redemption price was established in the Covenant of Grace, and it also guarantees the adoption of the child of God vitally in both the New Birth and in the Resurrection.

(I)mediate Holy Spirit Regeneration.
Instead of Irresistible Grace. Irresistible Grace could be mistaken to apply to other supposed means grace such as baptism or preaching of the gospel with a claim these are irresistible  in their efficacy. There is no other agency of imparting eternal life to the child of God other than the Holy Spirit and He works without any intermediate means.  The Spirit works in an immediate fashion in the imparting of eternal life to the dead faculties of the elect person.

(P)reservation of the Saints.
Instead of Perseverance of the Saints. Preservation is an act of God upon his child, and is part of Sonship. Perseverance is and act of the child of God in obedience to God and would be part of discipleship.  As TULIP is supposed to be a simple way of remembering the doctrines of Sovereign Grace relating to those things concerning eternal life, it is highly inappropriate for the P in TULIP to be a statement that can only be rightly applied to the discipleship of the individual rather than a statement about God keeping.or preserving, His child by His grace and power unto eternal life.

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